alphabet project: the letter "i"

A few weeks ago some of us at the studio collaborated on a "alphabet" project.  The task was to come up with a design revolving around the letter that was assigned to us.  This was my contribution.

there are several instances of the letter, can you find all of them?

here is a little bit of the work in progress:

 early sketches
late night ideas
lets call it "rough blocking"
a few notes

included in "i":
- isosceles triangles
- infinity signs
- icon (vancouver canucks logo)
- impaired vision (glasses)
- iris
- identical inflatable iguanas
- 9 balloons (inflatable) - "i" being the ninth letter of the alphabet
- infant inhaling indigo Italian ice cream
- ice hockey jersey
- ivy
- hand pose is sign language (ASL) for the letter "i"
- "x-men" cyclops action figure (R&H ("x-men: first class")) > cyclops > one eye > "i" (yeah, its a stretch)
- idle hand pose

"there is no "i" in team", so I made it a team.  :)

in "illustrator"...

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