bush + leavenworth - photo series

just recently I was honored to be featured on the Bush + Leavenworth site taking part in their "photo series".  Bush + Leavenworth has some of the most well designed and thought out clothing I have ever worn.  Created by the industries top artists right out of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Be sure to check out their lookbook.  Thank You Neth!

click HERE for bushandleavenworth.com

click HERE to read the article: bush + leavenworth - photo series: robby wong

alphabet project: the letter "i"

A few weeks ago some of us at the studio collaborated on a "alphabet" project.  The task was to come up with a design revolving around the letter that was assigned to us.  This was my contribution.

there are several instances of the letter, can you find all of them?

here is a little bit of the work in progress:

 early sketches
late night ideas
lets call it "rough blocking"
a few notes

included in "i":
- isosceles triangles
- infinity signs
- icon (vancouver canucks logo)
- impaired vision (glasses)
- iris
- identical inflatable iguanas
- 9 balloons (inflatable) - "i" being the ninth letter of the alphabet
- infant inhaling indigo Italian ice cream
- ice hockey jersey
- ivy
- hand pose is sign language (ASL) for the letter "i"
- "x-men" cyclops action figure (R&H ("x-men: first class")) > cyclops > one eye > "i" (yeah, its a stretch)
- idle hand pose

"there is no "i" in team", so I made it a team.  :)

in "illustrator"...