no more BS

First of all I would like thank all of you from the lab. I can strongly say that I have attributed a huge chunk of my animation knowledge from you guys. You know who you are. The intense critiques, coffee breaks, and those oh so very stealthy desktop wallpaper "switch - a - roo's" will be deeply missed. Good luck to everyone who will be making that scary transition into the "real world". Have a great summer!!!

P.S. - thank you for speaking English, you guys are too awesome.


Addy said...

I feel exactly the same Raw-Bee :)
Hiding coffee from Galena, checking out 'the scene' in the labs (hahah), getting to lab super early and leaving super late... good times!!!!
and good luck to everyone :)

Anand said...

my home sweet home for 2 years !!!
and i love all of u soo much, especially u Robby !!! goodluck to everyone and hope we all eventually end up working in the same place, so that i can change ur desktops again :)

Hammy said...

I sometimes wish I went to the lab more often since I work from home so much, and I missed out hanging out with you guys! I am going to try doing that harder in Summer and Fall but I guess you are not going to be around anymore? :(

Regardless, if you ever drop by the school again, you know where to find me and the rest! And I look forward to hearing about your success in the future. :) You guys rock!

ERQ said...

Dude, you know Im gonna sneak by your house/work and change your wallpaper. One day, one day!

And Addy its Galina, she'll lock your account for a day if you misspell her name haha.

Oh and go Giants.

.Louaye. said...

Thanks for the fun in the labs, I had a great time last semester. It's sad that we are all going our in different paths. Fun always ends too soon.

My friend, thanks for the laughs, the new slang words and the inspiration. We should hang as soon as I get back .... just like GANGSTAS, it's going to be BANANAZ and HELLA SHADY.

And one more thing ....